Helping Young People Feel at Home in Scotland: Building Collaborative and Integrated Services for Youth Homeless through a Reflexive Mapping Approach for Health and Social Care Integration

In Scotland, 28% of all homelessness applications are from young people. Policies to improve care of vulnerable and marginalised groups link youth homelessness to social and health-related factors, with a clear requirement for a joint approach to tackle the health and social needs of this population. There are complex needs affecting both the young person and their families. The public services must become more integrated and collaborative to deliver accessible, simultaneous, person-centred, and equitable services. This programme will explore the potential design of multi-agency guidance for cooperation and interdependence in the provision of services for homeless youth across sectors that can incorporate all the individual’s needs and aspirations. The adoption of a reflexive mapping exercise approach will allow people in different fields and young people with lived experience of homelessness to come together and share views, feelings, and practices on how to achieve better cooperation among services. The programme will: i) share research evidence on this topic; ii) collect experiences from homeless youth to identify key elements of service provision they find are essential; iii) bring together practitioners, homeless youth, academics, and policy makers to reflect upon the existing governmental initiatives (legislation, policy) and consider the gaps and barriers toward an integrated agenda of multi-sectorial cooperation and interdependence that addresses different stages of homelessness affecting young people.

Programme Team:

Dr Andrea Rodriguez (University of Dundee)

Aixa Y Alemán-Díaz (University of St Andrews)

Professor Ruth Freeman (University of Dundee)

Professor Gerry Humprhis (University of St Andrews)

Margaret-Ann Brunjes (Glasgow Homelessness Network)

Liam McCallum (Rock Trust)

Moira Mackay (Rock Trust)

Jules Oldham (Homelessness Action Scotland)

Professor Isobel Anderson (University of Stirling)

Victoria Jeffrey (Action for Children)

Dr Ann Swinney (University of Dundee)

Dr Fernando Fernandes (University of Dundee)

Celia Watt (NHS Lanarkshire)

Neil Hamlet (NHS Fife)

Phil Eaglesham (NHS Health Scotland)

Emma Doyle (NHS Health Scotland)

Clayse Moreira (Center for the Defense of the Rights of Children and Adolescents  – CEDECA Rio)

Ailsa Mcallister (Dundee City Council)

Dr Marit Ursin (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Dave Liddell (Scottish Drugs Forum)

Gavin Crichton (Active Inquiry Arts Company)

Dr Siyang Yuan (University of Dundee)



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